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Managing organisational culture: Lessons from Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter Thursday October 15, 2020 (6-7.30pm)

Arthur Priest Memorial Lecture/ Joint Meeting with the CIPD and the Work and Equalities Institute, University of Manchester

Professor Emmanuel Ogbonna

Professor of Management and Organization, Cardiff University

Emmanual Ogbonna, Professor of Management and Organization at Cardiff University, will present on his research, followed by Wilson Wong, Head of Insight & Futures/ Interim Head of Research at the CIPD as a discussant. A short description of the meeting is below - to attend, please sign up on Eventbrite via this link and the joining details for the meetings will follow:

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"My talk will look at existing understanding of culture management in the context of recent developments in organisations and society that have been brought about by Covid-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement. The aim will be to show how these different but linked environmental forces have helped to destroy any remaining credibility of the culture management school, and to highlight the implications for theorists and practitioners."

Emmanuel Ogbonna

Covid at Work: the rich get richer, the poor get sick Thursday 12 November 2020 (6-7.30pm)

Meeting held jointly with the Work and Equalities Institute, University of Manchester.

Steve Tombs, Professor of Criminology at the Open University, and Janet Newsham of the Hazards Campaign

In this presentation, Janet Newsham and Steve Tombs will discuss aspects of the ongoing health crisis as it impacts upon health and safety at work. Steve Tombs will begin by providing the broader and longer-term contexts of the Government management of the crisis, with specific reference on already existing trajectories in terms of social protection in general and health and safety at work in particular. Janet Newsham will then discuss various aspects of these trends and trajectories as they affected workers and workplaces during the crisis, and continue to impact detrimentally as the UK Government seeks to restore ‘business as usual’. The net effect of the processes outlined here is to further exacerbate pre-crisis economic and social inequalities.

Janet Newsham is Chair of the national Hazards Campaign and Coordinator at Greater Manchester Hazards Centre. She has worked in Trade Union Education and been a trade union activist for nearly 40 years.

Steve Tombs is Professor of Criminology at The Open University. He has a long-standing interest in the incidence, nature and regulation of corporate and state crime and harm. He has long worked with the Hazards, and is a Trustee and Board member of Inquest.

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